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The online consultation with Neurosurgery at KSW is a service offered to patients with neurosurgical diseases. It is aimed at people who would like a second opinion and advice about diagnostic and therapeutic options and are not able to attend the face-to-face clinic.

The online consultation provides a similar service as our face-to-face clinic. You send us your records in advance. After reviewing your records, we will invite you by email to attend a virtual consultation.

At the agreed date and time, you will attend the consultation by video or telephone and talk to one of our specialists from the face-to-face clinic. Please note that standard clinical and neurological examination is impossible to conduct during video consultations.

Technical requirements

To attend the online consultation you require an email address, internet access and a web-enabled device with a camera (desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone).

The video-consultation works with all current web browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari) but not with Windows Internet Explorer.

Online consultation procedure

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  1. Online registration
    Please register for the online consultation using the online form below.
  2. Sending your records
    In the confirmation email, you will then receive a list of the medical records we require from you for the online consultation.
  3. Appointment confirmation
    After receiving and reviewing your medical records, we will invite you by email to attend a video-conference via MyHealthcare.
  4. Online consultation
    At the agreed time, you should attend the online consultation via the participation link provided in the email. Please log in a few minutes before the appointed time.

Patients from abroad

For patients without health insurance in Switzerland, the fee for the consultation is approx. CHF 402.00. Following the video-consultation you will receive an invoice for this amount.

Further Information

Neurosurgery Office
Tel. +41 52 266 29 74

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